5 Sectors will Great Boom after Lockdown

5 Sectors will Great Boom

What will be the effect in business sectors in India after Lockdown? Not only India, but also in the world according to various experts’ assumption. 5 sectors will great boom after  Lockdown and some other sectors will be downgraded. Beware of that so that you are ready to  invest your money in the right choice.

Covid-19 related lockdown changes our lifestyle and way of living strategy and also in financial thoughts. Life is standing with us and date is crawling at us- these two are real truth. But there is no benefit in thinking about death. Dear friends, think only for Life. Make your life glorious and light of glow does not come without money. Use money in proper sectors. So you must be conscious to the business market also.

Although this site helps you to use your money in proper way and proper service. To know that way, you should also gain some experiences about the market.

Why effect in business sectors in India after Lockdown?

We are observing the changes the business mode and policies every time. One side the business policies and the other side the consumers. Either Demands of consumers control the business policy or even business policies also control Consumers.

Consumers and the companies always meet the same point of view to fulfil their demands. Companies try to achieve profit for long time and the consumers also try to get long term services. But sometimes natural circumstances change the habitation of human being- the trade and business catch that point of human behaviour. All the sectors have no same potentiality to make bound the customers for using their services or commodities. Covid situation change the mode of lifestyle, people think how to spend their life for future, highlighting this situation some sectors will really catch the field of business greatly.

Let’s see which 5 sectors will Great Boom after lockdown-

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1. OTT Platforms-

Do you know what is called OTT platform? You may know or not. Full form of OTT is over the top platform. Amazon prime, Netflix, Hotstar are the example of that performs. Basically these are the streaming platforms. They have a class quality content video. Here video means web series, serials, films etc.

People are isolated in their phones. Multiplex, Shopping malls are closed, i.e. entertainment places at shutdown. Except TV set, people have no option to choose. And owner of the OTT platforms are using such a situation of the world.

The producers of web series, serials and even also films are looking into such platforms. You will see films also will be opened in such platforms rather than multiplexes. What a bad condition of INOX or PVR is going on.

Man is the servant of habituation. If the OTT platform company can change the habit of people going to the multiplex into television set.  No way to change this habit at least 10 to 20 years. OTT Platforms will list their companies in stock market.

2. E-Commerce Store-

At present People are friendly to shop from E-Commerce site. The commodities which are not available and very urgently essential are purchased from local market. No way to avoid the local market. Covid is laughing here and there. No safety and security of Covid. Habitation will make people buy any type of product. Maybe this is our everyday usable or kitchen or grocery product for lunches and dinner.

Not only security and safety of viruses but also time saving. I hope some local offline shop will convert their way of business from offline to online E-Commerce. Although some of them are taking phone calls. There is no way to avoid this system to grow their business. Otherwise customers give up those shops.

We noticed- Flipkart, Amazon also and other E-Commerce companies are growing their business in lockdown period. Reliance Jio also opened Jio Mart in this situation to take the market of eCommerce in India.

3. Product Based Company-

The third sector is Product Based Company. These companies are also like E-Commerce. Although some people  think e-commerce is also product based.  Yes, but Amazon & Flipkart sell physical products. Here product based companies are different to The E-Commerce company on the basis of physical product and software tools.

Let’s I try to make you giving example. Product based company sell their online services tools. As for example zoom. Zoom is an online tool, which is used for video conferencing. This tool is of Google

 Like that, telegram, Microsoft-T, Slack are also that type of tools. Basically they are being used for teamwork.

Why are these tools so important during lockdown and after lockdown?

The companies and the workers both are deciding to work from home. This concept gives profit to both of them- the companies and the workers. There is no need for more office rooms, buildings for the workplace. Other hand, the workers are comfortable doing work sitting beside their family members at their house. Expenses are decreasing for companies. That is purchasing or renting rooms, office buildings, tiffin, lunch for workers, transportation for workers etc and also saving time for workers and companies.

Although India is far behind in respect of product based service to USA. Zoho is an Indian such company. We hope this type of product based company will use opportunity to take different type of market.

4. ETT-

ETT means Educational Technology. Before lock down this type of ETT institutes have tried to take a big role in the educational field.

You know the names of Byjus and Unacademy, Udemy etc. They provide online coaching classes from school education to competitive and professional courses also provided by them.

How the mode of taking a degree has been changed from regular to correspondence and open University. Now these are also converted into online courses.

Not only during lockdown, our educational institutions are using partly of this platform but also they must use this platform in full time regularly. But I must say offline physically full time regular courses have no substitute. Study of direct interaction is the best way to learn. Physically practical work teaches you the best.

Perhaps we cannot stop entering the ETT after lockdown and so on.

5. Electric Vehicle-

Hopping electric vehicles will take the place of transportation instead of diesel, petrol vehicle. Nature is going into such a way, all the world is trembling in fear. Economically, Sustainable development concept is taking the place in the mind of people.

Solar and battery scooter, car came in the market. Some affordable people are using this vehicle.  Several companies will change their production method to solar, battery, electric mechanisms. Production will be high. A great competition will be seen. Automatically prices will be lower to lower. Users will also grow.

Above those another two changes will be highlighted after lockdown in future.

1-Real Estate Business-

Real Estate Business will face a problem as the work from home concept is already running. So no need for office building, rooms or room rent for setting up office or outsider workers. This may slightly affect the Real Estate Business.


Transport business, especially public passenger transportation may change it’s way. This will also happen due to the work from home concept. Daily passengers’ crowds will be erased from the bus stoppage or stations and auto stand.

These are all our assumptions, but real situation will reflect the truth after lockdown.

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