About Me

Hi, I am P. Mehatory residing in WB, India. I wish to inform about myself and my blog Askiou.com.

After going a long journey in the way of hunger struggle of poverty lane, I completed my graduation in Geography and post graduation in Education. I had some wealth in my bag of mind. You know brothers I am not telling you the story of ruthless pride. I am only sharing my experience to you, nothing else.

You think about why I entered the blogging world. My experience gives me some opportunities to look into myself. I dreamed, I am dreaming now.

Although I did not get any opportunity to admit in the science stream in 10+2 level. I had a wish to study taking science subject. My misfortune or fortune whatever I say, turned my life into a different world of mind. I was admitted into the arts taking the subjects Geography, Political Science, Economics. I did not want to say the arts stream is bad, science is the golden spoon. Actually all subjects are destined at the same philosophical point. But science has some more or less opportunities for others. This is also true many people have arts or commerce backgrounds but somehow in their mind is full of science thought and on the other side some science students have Pride that they are the best compared to the others. But many science students have been carrying superstitions in their mind for lifelong. Sorry guys but this is the fact.

I love science technology. For this reason I am attracted to computers and mobiles. As nobody disagrees with science and technology, nobody spends life without science technology. So I decided to share my ideas. my experiences to you whatever I required, I am requiring and I shall require in future.

Not only science and technology but also any other fields which are very important for human beings. But all of us are not aware of those important matters. I think those important information should be known to all.

Why does Arts make me fortunate?

Geography made me fortunate. Because I am appointed as a teacher of geography. I come into a crowd of huge mass, my students, my school. They gave me a new identity in a large field. Nobody knew me. But geography has brought me this different world of Identity. I am thankful to ask geography, my students and my school.

Why did I come into the field of Blogging?

Actually I want the music and drama. We had a group for music and drama. There are many reasons for not carrying this cultural group.

You know drama and music has the power to solve many social problems and psychological problems of human beings. This therapy has been solving those problems which cannot be solved by medicine.

But now I do not have that environment of group work. So I decided to enter the Blog field, where I can reach a large world. This is a field of work where anybody can give effort single-handedly. This is the field where anybody can reach a large mass single handed. That is why I choose the blogging field to enrich myself as well as to enrich you also.

About the Definition of Askiou:-

‘Askiou’- ‘Askiou’ the word is made of two words together, one is Ask and another one is You. So Ask+You= Askiou. Ask and You bond take a new word ‘Askiou’. Meaning according to English there is no such a word in dictionary. But making a domain name, here we free to create a new word in the world of website technology.

If we clarify the meaning of these two words Ask and You, you may clear to understand whatever we want to say. You ask a question freely whatever in your mind in our website and someone is free to give answer your question through our website. Some times you are also free to give answer of any question of anybody else places in our website.

First you you must Register in this site. If you already Registered, then Login into the site and Ask anything or answer any question or multiple questions of our subscribers.

Curiosity Should Be Basic Fundamental Need to a Man:-

Man is most intelligent animal in the world. His intelligence made him social and unique species in the world. From the beginning of the civilization he has been bringing a curiosity mind with him. Taking tis curiosity mind he has been giving birth various types of questions and finding those answer also. Thus various types of scientific object has been invented and discovered various places.

Curiosity gives birth question in the mind of man, but he/she does not know the answer of that particular question. May be neither he/she get answer from circle of his friends, family, teachers nor any other people. But science and technology open a universal space to place his/ her question through Internet. Many people of the world may be he/she is another region of the world knows the answer that of the particular question. That person gives the answer. Here both corner of the region get together and satisfy each other.

One side we try to meet, get together each other to share mental state and on the other hand we try to develop the store of Knowledge.

I try to share information and experience, some educational tips. My friend India has been suffering from a large disease. That is called unemployment. I try to share my experience to solve something of that chronic problem. Nothing if I can inspire a little bit, I shall be happy.

Stay with me, support and inspire me.

Thanks, thanks a lot.