How to Become an Entrepreneur- 8 Sure smooth Online Fields

become an entrepreneur

Today I will discuss- How to become an entrepreneur? I will clarify such sure and smooth 8 online fields. May be those fields make you an unemployed to self- employed person in this crisis of job saturation? Dear friends, I am going to share you some information on What is Unemployed to Self-employed journey. How a hamlet guy suffers from this problem. I request you to read the entire text. So do not despair. Have a faith.

But for anyone who has capital, it is much easier to start a business. Or those who have a parent business. Of course they can start a new business with new contemporary needs, markets and modern mindset. So much of the problem is solved.

Must have Education:-

But those who have nothing. Most important treasure to become an entrepreneur is proper Education. There is only a little study, but proper education. And there is a computer or a mobile and internet access experience. I would say for them- how to establish yourself. And for those who have a university degree. He also has experience in running computers and internet. But no job. How to establish yourself in the Internet world?

But for those who have nothing, there is only education and little computer and internet access. Today I will tell them how to establish yourself too.

Today I would say for those who are partial or completely established. But they want to establish themselves, become more self-reliant through extra income. That means I hope this article will work for everyone.

Here education does not mean a formal and institutional degree, But a proper knowledge, skill and effort.

This fields are for all:- Although All Know what is unemployed-

Not only youth, people of all levels, young people, even retirees will benefit from reading my article. And here is my pleasure.

Then let us know how to make the right use of your time at home. People who have a lot of time use it full time. For those who have a little time, use the Internet on a computer like Facebook, Whatsapp. Make way for a earnings.

Friends, you have to do work. If you do not work, the world will be stunned. Work gives the key of lives. Do work, be self-reliant, become an entrepreneur. Stay healthy.

Let’s take a look at some of the following ways to widen the road to easy living at home in the current complex economic climate of the 21st Century: –

1. YouTube:- youtube helps you to become an entrepreneur, a self employed person-

Friends You watch videos on YouTube. Watch different movies, songs, get pleasure. Get an education. There are many unknown things you can know.

But have you ever thought of the unique creativity or passion you have in connection with your inner being? In some cases it is asleep.

You can’t find the right place to express it. No worries. YouTube is the place or platform where you can utilize that talent in your heart.

Let’s be YouTuber. Make good video. Upload your video. Increase the number of viewers. Increase Subscriber. Create your own identity. Who are already in this field, the path to regular employment will be created.

What you know, the deepest you can, is your own talent. If your topic is unique, you don’t have to look back. Create a YouTube channel. Apply AdSense. Your account will be increased in dollars.

In the next issue I will tell you how to create a YouTube channel and how to create a video. And if you already know, you’ve come a long way and almost touched the finishing point to become an entrepreneur.

So next time I will show you how to create Youtube channel for video taking some tips.

2. Blogging – the most sophisticated way to become an entrepreneur:-

Can You Write something? If you have the skills to write about a topic then you are ready. If the subject is unique in this case, your path will be different as well. The number of viewers, fans, followers will continue to grow day by day. Frankly, the dollar must be added to your account. Be in a unique feeling. Confidence levels will increase.

Friends do not disappoint. Maybe now you’re sitting idly by. You have been gasped down in hopes of a job. Filling up Form followed one by one. Postal orders are used to fill up forms. You spend a lot of money – do it.

If you get any job, public or private, you may be happy. Fill up the job form. In this case you are also accumulating some experience. Do not share them on Facebook or WhatsApp, share them on your blog. Frankly, your future will change.

Pioneers of Blogging:- They taught how to become an entrepreneur rather than what is unemployed situation-

You may know or do not know the name of Amit Agarwal or Harsha Agarwal. They have quit their jobs and now these Indian professional blogger has changed the course of blogging. The word ‘professional’ has placed before ‘blogger’ for them.

Friends, start a blog for free at no cost. Later you will decide to spend money like me. My blog but not free of charge. It costs a little every year.

I would suggest you to start a blog site at no cost at first.

The free blogging platforms to use are Google Blogger, Tumblr, Wix, WordPress, Joomla, Yola, Medium etc.

Google Blogger is good free platform for beginning. 2nd and 3rd also are popular. you can get WordPress as free service. It can be used as a little advanced. But if you have money, I will always advice you to use WordPress.

Friends I will be talking about how to create a blog site and how to earn money.

3. Freelancing – is also a platform to become an entrepreneur:-

Working for any company or organization independently is called freelancing. You are not permanently or temporarily affiliated with a company or organization. Or not obliged to work for that company. You work for him whenever you want. Completely independently. If they like your work, they will contact you again and again. It will depend on your skills. There will be agreement. You will get the money.

Freelancing work-

i. Writing:

Freelancing plays an important role, especially for writing articles. Companies or organizations advertise on their website to write local news or articles on a topic. There you will register your name. You can open your account with user ID and password and post it. In this case you must have writing skills.

Great, if you have a course on Mass Communication. If you do not have any course but have the skills to write, you can easily earn freelancing work.

ii. Web Designing, Software Developer Graphics Designing –

In this case you must know the work of web developer or designing. Those who are proficient in this matter must know how to sell their design to a company. I do not feel the need to elaborate. Because I am suggesting that the most common unemployed youth, become self-dependent.

4. Language Translator

Are you fluent in different languages? If not many, proficient in only three languages, especially English, Hindi and any regional language. You can certainly work as a language translator for Wikipedia or various wiki sites.

5. Script Editor-

There are several sites that only release large script sites. An editor is required to edit them. If you have the skills for that language, you can definitely opt for it as part time.

6. On line Teaching:-

Are you thinking of teaching as a private tutor or tuition or you have something course to provide to the trainee? May be you earn a reputation as a tutor. Many people know you in your locality.

Or if you are thinking of teaching tuition. Finding a job aggressively. May be it primary or high school. Continue your seeking, It may be your preference. Or You are sitting with a B.Ed degree. Or passed C-TET.
But it’s not my job to confuse you in a school issuing any problem and court cases. You can take my advice on how to continue as a home tutor to a higher level. Or your will.

But I must say that your tuition, promotion and reputation will both increase. Build a site of Learning Course and become an entrepreneur. Not only your local students or students close to you, your unknown students will also be attracted to your site and become your loyal students. You may appoint other guys to your project by giving them salary also. Become a self-institute.

How to create your site:

I will tell you how the notes will be downloaded by the students by payment money on your site in the future. Soon you will have your study material ready.

Also, be patient with the view of your site that will increase your daily income.

7. E-Book Writing – is also a way to become an entrepreneur:-

This is for them, who Regularly write poems or story novels or essays on any topic. Your diary, account page is full. Looking for publishers wildly. You are disappointed that your text has been printed or not printed anywhere.

Let’s write e-book. Publish your own writing. Publish your own book.

And I will tell you all how to write an e-book. And how easy it is to write. You just arrange your articles.

Patience at the beginning of any work will provide future results. You wrote today and your e-book sale is starting today. That may not be possible. That is to say, either. Do not leave handle my friend. One has to patiently do the tasks. That are required to reach the finish line.

8. E-Commerce Store:- one of the best way to become an entrepreneur:-

Do you sell a product, offline? Do you have an offline store? In your home or somewhere in the market? If you can make some handmade goods yourself or have a local item circulated in your area? Do you have plans to build one?

Then you can create an e-commerce as well. While not as complicated as Amazon, Flipkart, or Snapdeal. You can sell your product by creating a very modern e-commerce. And wider the way for a living.

In the next few days, I will introduce you to my ideas and site-building techniques in a few ways.

Friends, stay tuned. Be patient when you reach your desired goal. Your confidence and trust in yourself will both grow. Stay friends today. Another day I will appear on another topic.

Many thanks for being with me again. If you like the article, please comment in the comment box and leave your opinion.

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