5 Child Education Problems and Special Type of solution Strategy

Child education problems

Every Parent worries about their Child Education positively. The think there are a lot of Child Education Problems in India. So they are always seeking their solution strategy. Next generation of 2nd and 3rd, guardians all know how to deal with those problems. In spite of problems in Child Education in India, they can create their Child Education Plan successfully.

But in the case of a needy or 1st generation student’s guardian nothing knows the problems or type solution. They always leave the handling of the learning process onto the teachers and obviously onto their children. Here problems arise in another way in the maximum case. Because the guardian of those students do not know how to manage their children’s education.

As a result of pouring water at the top of a tree. Here I do not mean water at the base is spoiling the success, but I mean to say education should be very easy and important as water for the poor, the first generation child education. Same in practical life giving valuable water in higher education also gives positive results to the economically developed family.

Pass-Fail Debate | It is also under child education Problems:-

In this regard the debate on ‘pass and fail’ of West Bengal has started again. The government has decided to introduce the pass-fail again in child education in the class of V and VIII. This pass-fail system will begin in the academic year 2020 next probably.

Not one but multiple groups have been formed by logic. They are expressing their opinion. Whether the pass-fail system is good or bad- debate has begun taking this topic. Who will benefit, who will be harmed?

Schools, which are at the core of the article, are – Elementary Education. And those who take shelter under its cool shade, they are our youngest children.

I think both pre-primary and elementary child education are suffering of negligence. I’m not saying the secondary, higher secondary or higher education system is shining much better services. But in comparison, it would not be wrong to say that the primary education(child education) system is too much lower in position.

And that’s why a section of the parent is losing their confidence from the government’s child education system. This situation is not only from today, but also from a decade.

The education/child education system goes through a system. Government, government institutions, school environment, students, parents, local educators are all involved. But our finger is just on the government.

A statistic of child education in India:

I think government and government rules and regulation are at the top of this system. The kind of rules, laws, and methods of innovation comes down to the grassroots level. For example, from 1982, the West Bengal government removed English Subject from the primary education system and re-introduced it in the class- V in 1994.

The sufferers due to take off English from primary/child education:

As a result, for a long time elementary students were deprived of English education. They are people from the mid thirty to mid forty age range at present. English education returned to elementary school in class II in 1999 and the first in 2004. Such Govt. policy victimizes the general public. They are like a guinea pig in the lab.

Play Role of common people and the teachers:-

What do the common people do? The people or the teachers, have no role to play in this regard? Government rules cannot be removed by the people apparently. Because the way in which our government system planning is implemented, there is no way for ordinary people, teachers, parents to join.

Those who are sitting at the head of the government whose appointments are made for the syllabus of the curriculum committee decide on this. And the education department and the education minister and the chief minister are all at the top of the system making the final decision.

Role of Central as well as State Government:-

One thing, everyone knows about this. Although I am telling you education and education/child education management are jointly listed in the State and Central Constitution. Therefore, the state government and the syllabus cannot create the syllabus as they wants, while the central government cannot impose syllabus and curriculum to the State Govt.

However, some central procedures or rules have to be followed by the State Government. Central plans like RTE-2009, Literacy Campaign, Sarbashiksha Abhijan, Sarbashiksha Mission etc. have been introduced in the country according to the regional environment of the states.

Let us return to the context of ‘Not at the head, water at the base.’ A statement of Nelson Mandela is- ‘To destroy a nation is enough to destroy education.’ Including developed and developing countries, the same applies to developed countries.

Who go to government primary schools?

It will be cleared once you wander the government primary schools. The number of children in the most ordinary household is high here. The children of better class families do not see the government primary school. They maximum do not take part in this child education system. A little tightening the base of education of a child, then they go to Government school for high school again. And they, whose economic condition is a little better, do not face the Govt. Secondary and higher Secondary schools.

Where are the problems?

Looking into the matter of the problems you can create your own Child Education Plan.

1.Economic Inequalities:

This is one of the problems all over the world. In India, the unevenness is tied together like an octopus. In this situation, some government plans may have been suitable for boys of some lower, more ordinary people. For example, free education, clothing or Mid-day-meal. This is an example of the fact that the middle class and upper middle class children are not going to government school, as the Children of the lower classes are in the school.

2. Negligence of teachers:

So the majority of those who are studying in government elementary schools are of the very lower economic families.

But the government and most teachers are aware of this. And the mentality that comes from here, what else should I teach them? They come to school for two dresses and a handful of snacks. Or what will they do to continue their study? So a situation like drought is happening. Whether It is a main problem of the problems. Although the teachers will be against me, BUT this fact is mostly true.

3. Teacher insufficiency:

One of the major problems of the primary. The student-teacher ratio is very miserable. In the last two decades, the number of students has increased in primary schools, but appointments in the post of retired teachers, vacant teachers posts, and new posts have not been created. The amount of teachers who are employed for the primary is very small.

4. Other tasks besides teaching:

Who knows when the problem will finish doing other things besides teaching by the teachers. This is the situation of student-teacher ratio. Various activities like census or BLO are done by him. Who will do these things? The elementary teachers. And all these workloads are such that the mental health of the teachers is dead.

5. English medium trends to:

A large part of the guardian has been leaning towards the English medium, with the passage of time. To make their child a human being. They only can tell whether to make the future of their child, really to teach, or to establish a relationship with the corporate world prior.

There are many other reasons. If I raise these reasons here, the volume of the report will create unnecessary complications rather than problem solving. But from the metropolis to the city, from city to city, from city to suburban and from there to the remote village, this situation and related problems have been coming very fast. (Continue:)

Take a look at the next part ‘Type of Solution Strategy’:-

Let’s go to the type of solution strategy for these problems. In my point of view, what I mean to explain-

Firstly – the student-teacher ratio should be reduced.

The student-teacher ratio needs to be 10: 1. Even this matter is not to be taken very easily.

Suppose, one elementary school has 100 students from I to IV.

But it has to be understood a little. Thus I divide 100 students from 1st to 4th. There are 20 students in each class. Then see if the Government appoints teachers in the ratio of 10: 1 per class, then 5 Extra students requires one additional teacher.

Thus the school needs a total of 12 teachers. However, this type of solution strategy is possible to teach the students properly.

Secondly, a teacher should stop taking all periods continuously of only one class.

Moreover many elementary schools, we find that the responsibility of a class goes to only one teacher. He teaches all the subjects of a class from morning to afternoon. This leads to the boredom of teachers and students.

If teachers teach through routine in different subject-based periods, both sides will get rid of this boring situation after this type of solution strategy.

Thirdly: Reducing the number of periods requires increasing the duration of the period.

In my opinion, the three topics per day and these three subjects need to be set in such a way that even after checking the homework, the teacher gets time to study the new students even after correcting the homework. This type of solution strategy will rectify the teaching learning process.

Fourthly: To give importance to the first generation students.

As a result in these schools, it is important to keep an eye on teaching and preparing the students, keeping in mind the number of low, very low economic conditional first generation students. Because it would be prudent to assume that students will study at home taking help of parents. (There may be exceptions).

You may say there is tuition. I would say anyone who is a tutor can be an employee in any elementary school. Because of the ratio that I have talked about, there needs to be a lot of teachers. Socio-economic conditions may be changed by using this type of solution strategy. Even then, the abolition of the tuition system may not happen. That’s another thing.

Fifth: – Release of teachers from the responsibility of constructing buildings.

The management of construction of the primary school building needs to hand over to a third party, rather than to the teachers. The teachers should just keep an eye on all those tasks.

Sixth:- liberation from other work than education.

Certainly, it is necessary to release teachers from the Census, BLO or all such activities. If the survey is needed, it should be a government program related to primary education. immediately this type of solution strategy should be started.

Seventh:- Parents’ attachment to school is absolutely necessary.

Meeting parents with teachers at least twice a year and b) I feel the need to meet students with parents of other students.

Teachers are informed from parents about their problems, problems with those students while at home. Spend more time with first-generation students and parents. Give them a chance to speak on stage. Give them importance. This type of solution strategy enriches the taste of relationships in society.

Requirements for meeting of students with parents: –

Let’s say about this – there will be few students in elementary school who are second, third or fourth or next generation students. Many of their parents are not teachers. But they may be educated in higher education. All of those people should occasionally be invited to class. To illustrate their experiences to students. As well as the students’ interest growing, on the other hand parents will feel honored. A well-organized social environment will be created by such a type of solution strategy.

Eighth: Proper respect and honor of the teachers.

This issue is totally unseen from the social and political arena. The negligence that has come down from the political high ground to the very bottom of society, disgraced the teachers. So the finger of the society is towards the teachers. This is an unsocial situation that is not desirable in any way.

Elementary teachers need to be honorarium doubled. And here comes the question of merit. There is no denying, it needs to raise the eligibility limit for hiring a teacher when needed.

Ninth: – Rectify teacher training.

It is very important for teachers’ training to be implemented to make a teacher professional as instructed by the NCTE. The training should not just be for a certificate. In addition to the general curriculum syllabus, a different learning environment is needed with emphasis on child psychology.

Tenth: – IQ test.

By examining the IQ of the elementary child, dividing it into different groups of students according to their standards. Thus It is possible to be sure in advance about what the future education of the students might look like or how the education of the student will brighten his/her future.

Eleventh: – Transparent and honest Inspection.

I am telling the inspectors who are at the head of the teachers – Do not always blame the teachers. You go to school, take at least one class in a month with teachers. In fact, in every human being, there is a hidden quality of teaching, whether he is a high grade officer or guardian or any other person. School is yours. Even if you tell the story of your experience, the child’s mind will shine with excitement.


At the end of it all I say my feelings. I think that if planing of such preparation, parents of all levels –

  • The confidence upon the Government Primary School will return,
  • The faith will return.
  • Students will be enrolled in all classes in the school.
  • Teacher recruitment will be increased as the number of students increases.
  • The teachers do not neglect the students of the children of the lower classes.
  • He will take his child holding his/her hand, a more advanced kind of public school than the school he attended.

I am requesting the government –

The government which can implement such an education system, will remain in government chair for years with confidence of people. And if it is forced to say that everything is okay, I have done everything, nobody did like us- then I will not say anything.

And if such strategy plans are implemented at the elementary level and if it continues, then there is a possibility to improve secondary, higher secondary or higher education. A field for higher studies will be created in this country. Our children do not have to go to university in any other country. If we make a contrast like this, the students of another country must come to our country.

I know this is madness. Yet I must say my feelings. I have expressed whatever I thought. Now the time is yours. Share your opinion. Which type of solution strategy are you thinking (End)

Feel free to comment in the comments box. Thanks a lot.

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