Free VPN on PC- 11 simple steps for Security of Browser

Free VPN on PC

Free VPN on PC- today I am going to discuss an important security system service. Yes, that is Free VPN Services. VPN is not only a browser security but also we secure ourselves to safe surfing. We browse everyday to find various questions in our mind. Somebody browse to read articles or buy from e-commerce sites. We do internet banking and others. But whether each and everybody focuses on security we do not know.

Come on friend- today we know-

What is VPN?

Today’s discussion- VPN and Security of Browser..

First I will tell you the full form of this abbreviation VPN. The full form of VPN is Virtual Private Network.

A VPN is Network Service where a user sends or receives data using a public network, but their devices are connected directly with a Private Network. As the devices are connected directly with a Private Network, none can interfere between the devices and the Servers.

Uses of VPN:-

It is very secure for a user, who surfs after logging in or signing in or without loging in or signing in. VPN is very useful for facebook, instagram, linked in etc and even Net Banking.

Importantly it works in those areas where any website is suspended to access data. There, a user can easily access those sites. I will try to explain this matter. Maybe a website is banned in any country, but a user may surf that site easily via VPN.

VPN is nothing, but the service of a Private IP. This IP changes the default IP of the users. Thus it helps to surf browser security.

Perhaps You may be very fond of using free WiFi in any public WiFi zone. VPN is very useful to use for such a Network zone.

Free VPN on PC Services- browser security of Opera Mini

Today I wish to discuss a wonderful free VPN for your desktop. Yes, whatever I am willing to convey the subject of free VPN is a feature of Opera Browser. Opera Browser is a secure and a bodyguard service for your browsing.

But if we want to do net banking or transfer money or log in into Facebook, or mailbox etc, Opera browser is one of the best browsers with Free VPN Services. If someone wants to have paid VPN Service that will be fine and more secure browser security.

Paid VPN service is workable for any other Browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet explorer or Microsoft Edge or something else. It always depends on the users which service he/she wishes to use- Free or Paid.

Here I convey my experience regarding a Free VPN, which is an in -built service in Opera Browser.

How to use free VPN services in Opera browser?

Remember Free opera VPN is for Desktop only.

But in respect of Desktop:-

  • Step 1:-  Go to in any browser of your desktop.
  • Step-2- The browser opens the home page of Download opera software according to your operating system i.e. windows, Linux, Mac etc. 
  • Step 3:- After downloading the Opera Mini, Run opera software. If the software is in a zip file, extract it for windows and run for Linux.
  • Step 4:-You can see the opera icon on the desktop. Open the opera browser. 
  • Step 5:- After opening the browser,  place the cursor on the opera icon/logo in the left hand upper corner and click.
  • Step-6:- You can see a menu list. Place the cursor on the setting and click A new tab will open. 
  • Step-7:- Scroll down the page and place the cursor on the Advanced menu and click. A new page will appear.
  • Step-8:- Scroll down the page to find where the VPN switch is. You may notice the VPN menu and its switch is inactive mode.
  • Step-9:- Active/on the switch of VPN. VPN mode will be active.
  • Step 10:- Close all the tabs except one. Only one tab to be kept open.
  • Step-11:-  Now Look at the address bar of the Opera Browser and just notice the left hand side of the address bar. Here you will notice the VPN menu is active/on.  Place the cursor here and click. A new popup window will open here and you will see an off/on switch of VPN and IP address of several countries.

You may choose your country server, whatever you are comfortable to use.

You may also turn off the VPN switch whenever you need.

Enjoy secure and safe surfing facebook, instagram, pinterest, linked in and others and even Net Banking.

Thus you can use free vpn services for browser security in the Opera browser.


Remember surfing with VPN on position may slow down your internet as the server is of another country. But it helps protect your browser security.

Also remember I never forcefully recommend building a free VPN in Opera Browser. Everything depends on your choice whatever you wish to use to protect your documents and surfing privacy and browser security. Thanks…

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