How to Secure Android Phone from Hackers- Make Your Mobile Most Secure, 12 Tips

How to secure android phone

How to secure android phone from hackers- I will explain in this article here. By activating google play protect your mobile turned into the most secure phone. So secure android phone from hackers? Yes, Each and everybody we have a Mobile in this highly developed Internet era. Our wish is to protect our mobile safe and secure.

But we were almost unconcerned about our mobile, maybe some conscious. People use mobile phones similar to other items on a daily basis. But a major percentage does not care about How to secure an android phone from hackers? They even do not know how to make it the most secure phone. The matter of Security of mobile does not impress their minds. Here objective is to make them conscious about their mobile security and safety. Although It is impossible to give 100% protection to your mobile in this age of internet. Perhaps why not be careful regarding this aspect.

Let’s take a look at how to use your mobile phone carefully to keep your personal information and turn it into the most secure phone.

How to secure android phone from hackers:-

Step-1) Make your mobile most secure phone

If the Google Play version that you currently use in Android version is 14 or or later, always turn on the Play Protect to turn into the most secure phone. But it is currently available in the Google Play Store. Updating is going to update automatically when you download apps, so there is no reason to worry about it. After checking the scan it will install the apps. You will certainly notice the Play Protect option.

If you it shows looking good as soon as you open it, you’ll know you’re safe with no harmful apps installed on your device.

Step 2)

Get regular updates of your mobile apps regularly on the internet or through Wi-Fi connection to Secure. The security of these apps must be updated.

Step 3)

You may notice that sometimes some apps are suddenly viral such as different types of face changer app. Do not change your face by taking pictures with the apps tool. There is a possibility to expose your security and safety.


Never download any APKs other than Google Play store. You may fall in danger of downloading APK from another source.


Sometimes you may download songs or videos or games from the browser or try to be very careful. You will see some files downloaded as well as hidden. Who can disable the important information on your phone?

Step 6)

Never download APKs unless they come from a trusted source. You will never root or install without knowing the exact APP source.

Step 7)

Keep the firewall on the browser, so the unauthentic webpage will never be surfed by the browser. So you are safe.

Step 8)

Whenever a web page is viewed from a browser, make sure that the website is secure. To see it the website has https://. If the site only has HTTP instead of HTTPS then never open an account or login to that web page.We will discuss this in more detail later.

Step 9)

On your phone’s system there are some file cleaners and antivirus. Regularly clean the temporary files and scan the phone to find out if there is a virus.

Step 10)

Use VPN (Virtual Private Network) when Using Internet Banking. I will discuss various paid version Free VPNs later, which will increase your net banking security.

Step 11)

Sometimes there are some messages from unknown sources via email or sms with winning various offers, gift or lottery. You will see that there is an internet link in that. Be careful not to click on that link. Clicking the link means you are caught and felt in danger. So Please delete the sms and email immediately.

Step 12)

Uninstall unnecessary apps. It is essential for running your working or essential apps properly.

Just these are the tips of the question- ‘How to secure an android phone from hackers?’

However, as I said earlier, 100% security is never possible in the Internet age. But you have to try as much as you can to keep your data safe.

At other times we will discuss more about this. No more today.

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