How to block all calls from unknown numbers?

How to block all calls from unknown numbers?Category: MobileHow to block all calls from unknown numbers?
Askiou Admin Staff asked 1 month ago
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subham answered 2 weeks ago

Truecaller is a good app to identify any number and the owner names. It can also help to block unknown numbers whatever is not registered in your mobile, Spam calls are also can be protected. These features can available in setting option of Truecaller. But one thing when a call comes from unknown number truecaller blocks it after 2-3 seconds ringing. I don’t know how it can be resolved.
Thousands of Apps are available in in Android Play Store. But there is another app named Calls Blacklist – Call Blocker, I experienced is better than Truecaller in respect of call blocking. This call block facility is available setting section and blocks the calls from unknown numbers, irritated numbers, ISD numbers, spans immediately. Which are making you irritate and mad.