Secured Websites- what is ssl certificate? Difference between http and https

Secured Websites

What is a Secured Websites? Guys, Today I am going to tell you- What SSL certificate is? And ssl related matter- difference between http and https. You are surfing the web through the internet. Some websites you know or some are unknown. But many of us do not know what a secure website is. The Internet is now an easy way to find answers to unknown questions in your mind. Go to any browser’s search engine (google, bing, yahoo, AOL,, duckduckgo). Write the question. The list appears on your mobile or desktop, to answer your question. Choose from those your answers.

Which websites would you travel to? Are those secured websites?

You got your answer from one, two, three, four or five sites. Many times, there are many links given in those websites to find the direction of your answer. You know all these. These facts are all too common to find the answer to the question.

But still, it’s important to be careful in the Internet age. Because your confidential information on your phone or desktop can be stolen at any time.

But will we be far away from the Internet?

No friends, it’s not. No one can stay away from it. And I won’t tell you to stay away. I just want to be careful. Speaking of security. Speaking of safety. If you have not read my previous writing on this topic, click here to know some common issues.

The thing I will say here today is:

A) What are http and https?

B) The difference between http and https.

C) Which will we give more importance to? And

D) Why should I give importance?

First I will discuss the reason for hitting a website before discussing those questions.That is why we surf the internet and visit a website or work in a website?

Reason for surfing websites:-

First I said one reason – 1) Finding any answer to a question – If you do not get that answer from your friend, teacher or relative circle of that question, you go straight to the Internet. Information, statistics, definitions, explanations, all are in your hand on the internet. Of course if you like whatever is better. If that does not suit your mind then go to another site.

One thing I mentioned earlier in this regard –

Some links are given in a site. You might think that clicking on that link will get your answer. If you get the answer, that’s good. And in the opposite case – any new page opens. Which doesn’t work. Again, some software may inadvertently start downloading. These events often happen and happen. Awareness is the key to avoiding this problem.

2) Filling op forms on the website of any company for any job or examination in various public or private organizations.

3) You open a bank website and make money transactions.

Social Networking Sites responsibility:-

4) You share your writings, experiences on various social networking sites. Or upload pictures, chat with friends. Comment on their post, like it. These are very common.

These sites also have to keep some privacy of their own. Some have to share for themselves. And some for the public. It’s definitely a matter of personal decision. This will be discussed later in another post.

 5) We download various songs or videos or games. You go to different sites to download different software. And download the required free or paid software. Then install it.

Avoid porn sites, almost those are not secure website:-

6) One of the attractive sites is porn site. When surfing porn sites, your mobile phone or your desktop can be infected in some cases. So beware of porn sites.  Moreover, many activities that depend on the Internet, cannot be said.

 Now let’s see if we have any known or reputed website information in advance to do those tasks. If you already know about that site, it is useless to tell me about that site. And if you want to know for yourself whether you will be safe or not, then let me first ask a few questions.

A) What are http and https?

 http-hypertext transfer protocol. https-hypertext transfer protocol secure.

B) Difference between http and https:-

Hopefully, you can understand there is a slight difference between http and https. One is Insecure and the other is Secured. That is, one is not safe and the other is safe

C) Which will we give more importance to?

I need not say for me, the answer to this question. Of course, https should be given more importance.

D) Why or why should I give importance?

Because the website that contains ‘https’ is definitely a secure site. There is no possibility that anyone other than the server of that company can attack us there. Because the company purchased the SSL certificate from a trusted certificate issuing company.  

What is an SSL certificate? Regarding Secure Website:-

Most of the users do not know what is ssl certificate? Far away ‘what is ssl certificate’. They even don’t know the full form of ssl. The full name of SSL is Secure Socket Layer. More about SSL or what is ssl certificate- will be discussed in another post later. This is a technical term and not easy to enter into core of SSL physique. Now just know the definition of what is ssl certificate? This is a protocol where the client and the server maintain a connection that is difficult for a third person to access any personal or private information.

I’m trying to point out this to the general internet users in a simple way. How do I understand if a website has SSL? The way to understand this is to start with https: // in the url(uniform resource locator) of the website. Ex: –

The web address bar will have a green lock. Clicking the cursor there will open a popup window. Where the text will show Connection Is Secure. You can understand by looking at the picture below.  

a secure site

In this case you can do the important tasks like registration into the site, giving user ID password, money transfer, free of hesitation. I hope you understood- what is ssl certificate?

Whether without SSL certificate be a secure website:-

But if a website does not purchase SSL certificates, the address bar of that site will only be written http: // instead of https: //. For example – Keeping and clicking the cursor on the address bar of this site a pop up will open window where find that- your connection is not Secure. Or some browsers even will not allow you to open that insecure  website.

In this case an Advance option will open but you will never have to login with user ID and Password there. Be careful. In this case your personal data is likely to be hacked. Because the website is likely to be hacked. It means this is an insecure website.

So we understood a simple matter: SSL certificate is technical support which measures the difference between http and https. On the other hand, if we can point out the Difference between http and https, we can easily say that the website authority purchased the SSL certificate.

A Secure Site

You can safely navigate my blog site. You can register as a subscriber. Because my site is a completely secure website. Clicking on the green lock picture in the address bar will help you understand my authenticity.

I was surprised to find that some government sites are also insecure. There is a possibility of stealing information from those sites, I do not understand why the authorities do not give importance on SSL certificates to convert into a secure website. I do not mean that they do not know about a secure website, they do not know what an ssl certificate is, they do not know the Difference between http and https. They are all conscious about those technical terms and their work of them.

Insecure Site

Moreover, the most popular sites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Paytm, etc. are bound to be very secure websites. There are two reasons for this – one is maintaining their reputation and security and the other is maintaining the safety of the customers.

As a general user should be minimum aware of – What is ssl certificate related to Difference between http and https and relation.

So will we not open any site having http?

You can open. But never register or login or provide any of your information there. It can only be used for reading.

No more today. Another day I’ll post another topic about security.

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