Voice Artist Career with Podcasting in 2021

Voice Artist

Have you dreamt to be a voice artist? Establish yourself a professional voice artist, no problem. If you have such thought to establish yourself with voice artist career, time has not gone. Do not hesitate.

You may have such a voice to touch the heart of your audience. Even you may create audience and fan followers through your voice. You may have the power of the recitation. You have the power of a storytelling talent. You may have touching and catching magnetic voice power to enter into the mind of people. So why are you wasting your time to be a voice artist? You know the work of RJ. Might be your dream was also to be a RJ, but opportunity did not go with you. Do not worry about it. Open your own radio station today. Do not cover your talent with a hard lid.

This is the right time to enter in the new era of podcasting. Although the podcasting is not a new terminology, but maximum people do not know rather about this terminology.

Let’s know what podcasting is:

Podcasting is now a trending audio or video file for listeners or viewers. We call it next generation radio also. But a radio broadcast its audio through transmitter with its fixed waves,  such as shortwaves medium waves or FM. Here podcast is nothing like that kind of radio. It keeps your files in its server. (know what is a server clicking here)

A podcaster makes audio and uploads it into server. Users or listeners can listen this audio anytime according to their preferable situation. Podcasters also make their audio any time any situation and even upload any time into their server.

These audios naturally are episodic audio or may not be episodic. If the audio is dramatic story of novel, historic or detective then it should serially episodic. Otherwise you may choose your niche whatever you are very strong or whatever you are passionate for the niche.

Definition of podcasting:

Podcast is episode audio may be video of individual file from where user can download and listen.

The word podcast stands for bonding the two different words. They are ‘pod’ from iPod and ‘cast’ from casting.

In early 2000 Adam Carryi collaboration with Dave Winer delivered and sync textual content content to portable audio player that is how the podcast app works. IPODDEX was the first App.

If you are a listener you can directly listen any podcast from any device connected with.. internet. You can download the audio file after connecting internet and can listen in your leisure period.

What is Podcasting used for:

For a blogger:-

There are many bloggers keep their audio files in their blog site to clarify their content or other mission. I call search blogger oodcast bloggers. This type of podcasting easily explain or clarify the subject content of the blog. Sb viewers or listeners may fall in love with that blogsite.

So we see a blogger keeps his audio file in the blog to clarify or explain easily his/her fan followers, so that those viewers or listeners keep in touch with the blog for a long period. With the help of this podcasting he/she grows their viewers  for long time.

For a businessman:

A businessman can grow his business by using podcasting. He also can upload an audio file regarding new project for benefit of his customers as well as his business. You can also run any campaign for undergoing project or business. 

This businessman may run audio through is business portal.

As Voice artist Career:-

This is the main purpose where I wish to focus you, the voice artist. Look friends, we all have some dreams. We all have some ideology, taking this we want to become (atmonirbhar)self employee. Or we can carry our passion to produce ourselves in front of auodiance, in front of the public. We want to establish our identity in front of public place. You may love to recite, you have this quality. Or you can tell story, you can read Novel,story. This is your right face to produce yourself is a voice artist. Build your dream making your own radio station.

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You may think you are not enough sufficient to build the podcast. Go to your friend circle. Tell the whole method of podcasting. Grow their interest to involve in this field. Discuss the social needs. You may give your time for social work. Not only that but you will have the opportunity to earn money from this. You will have the opportunity to establish yourself as a profesional podcaster. You may create a group. Do the podcasting work including members of the group. Choose superb niche and start group discussion according to your niche subject. Try to continue it with chronological episode 

You use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram only for fun only for enjoyment. Use Facebook Twitter not only fun but also for your audio sharing platform. Enjoy but target for establishing.

Focus quality content and think long-term project. Failure may come, but success is not so far. Hard work, effort are the key point to establish.

How to start a podcast:

At first I tell a little affordable hardware you need. I know you have all these devices right now-

1. A Mobile or a Laptop or Desktop- 

Nothing worry about it. No need any laptop or desktop, only mobile is enough. A mobile can control your life into another way of light. If fund supports you can purchase laptop or you can assemble desktop. But I know you have an Android mobile. So you are ready to create your podcast channel.

2. Headphone with mic:-

 I hope this Hardware is always available with you and your mobile set. If not, purchase minimum quality of a headphone with mic supported with mobile phone.

But if you have a laptop or desktop assembly according to your hardware. Primarily you need those two types of hardware.

Install any sound editing software:-

Sound editing apps for Android-

Then you have to need a sound editing software. After recording of your voice the file has to be edited. Without editing the sound may not sweet audible. Although it is your choice what type of sound you like to upload. I think recording file software needed because there may have external noise extra recording. So edit your recorded voice.

I am not telling you particular sound editing software. Although you may try- lexis audio editor app.

Sound editing software for desktop or laptop-

There are many sound editing software in the market. But I highly recommend for desktop for laptop that is Audacity. This software is free. No investment required, no licence required. It provides creative commons licence which is free to use.

Background music:

Your recording sound needs background music according to the subject content. As there are many subject oriented channel, so many background sound may be used.

You may record your background sound from your friend circle or your music teacher or anybody else.

Or you may download free sounds from any stock sound’s website for free.

Or you you may do not use any background sound or music. So this is not mandatory. Use background music according to the subject or the content.

Earnings from podcasting for a voice artist:-

This is one of the most important point why we start podcasting? One answer is- 

a. to spread myself as a voice artist, 

b. give importance my passion,

c. to participate in social work,

d. to entertain the people. 

The are many prospects to build podcast Chennal:

But in this non employment era it should be a hope of light for the youth. Yes it should be the essence of earnings for the youth as well as a podcaster.

So from where the source of earnings for podcast-

1. Subscription and paid content:-

You have the potentiality to be a voice artist. You may take subscription from your audience for your high quality full content. Firstly you broadcast a short of your content and then the demand subscription for full episode.

Educational podcasting or any service providing broadcasting is ideal for demanding subscriptions and payment. Or you may sell your content to an another podcasting company and demand money for that content for episode.

2. Affiliate marketing-

You may start affiliate marketing through your podcasting channel. Various leading company seek seller for their product. You may be the seller of that particular product of the company. Sell through your podcast and get commissions.

You know affiliate marketing is one of the leading earning sources of bloggers. So podcast will be a platform for affiliate marketing in future.

3. Advertisement-

You may run advertise of any company. The company may be your locality or maybe national,  regional or international. If your Podcast channel becomes a leading or popular, companies will come to your door step for contract you.

Fix advertise fees according to duration and runtime of the advertisement. I mean create an agreement with the company as a professional.

4. Sponsors-

Sponsorship is one of the greatest source of income of any platform. Bloggers also take sponsors. Like that as a podcaster you may take sponsorship.

Run or tell the sponsor company name from where you have taken money interval of your speech. Slowly gain your audience and take the opportunity to take sponsors.

Although you go to your local company to achieve a sponsorship. Make agreement and go ahead.

5. Promotions-

Promotion may be another source of income for a podcaster. You know promotion is used for launching a new product or service. A company or an organisation uses any platform to promote their new born product or service before buyers or users. They try to celebrate and organise a gorgeous occation using TV or YouTube. So this is a new platform for any company. May be it your local company or shop, organisation or any regional, national or international.

Initially you do not think you created a broadcasting channel and advertisement started to come for sponsorship. Keep patience, do faithful work, laborious and create quality content. These are the key root to be a voice artist.

Podcasting Platforms | Podcasting for Free Platforms:-

I give you many information about podcast. But what are those place where you can upload and broadcast your speech. If I do not tell some of important platforms this information will be incomplete. So there is the time and place for showing the names of platforms of Podcasting.


According to me and Anchor is important and popular best free platform of podcasting. It is the best for beginners who decided to start their journey through podcasting.

The bloggers who are carrying their blogs with their hands thinking to open Podcast, they can also start with anchor.fm. Although they can use any podcast plugins for the wordpress blog site.

But I am wanting to say for the voice artist who are egar to open Podcast channel use anchor.fm. I recommend this perfect for you.

Google Podcast:

Google is the greatest maximum all types of service provider. Google also provides podcasting service. Google has its own episode regarding its services and others. It also gives opportunity to the user to set up channel. You may take this opportunity to enter into the field of voice artist through podcasting.

Laptop Desktop and also Android users can use Google Podcasting service.

You notice that Nine dot icon in right hand upper corner of google search engine page. After clicking the Nine dot icon bright services menu icon open and find the Google podcast icon.

Otherwise you download google podcasting apps and install in Android phone from Play Store. this app also available for iPhone users.

Except those two platforms:

There are many sites available except those 2 above. Some of them free and some of minimum paid. As a starter choose free platform and next may go paid service after being popularity.

One of the best paid platform is Spotify. The professional Voice artist and many group of companies use 3) Spotyfy.

Some other Podcasting Platforms-







10)Podbean etc.

Dear friend, I hope you could understand something about Podcasting. Touch with this site. Thanks a lot.

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