Welcome to Askiou

welcome to askiou

Dear Friends, It is my warmth welcome to Askiou, my blog site. In Indian culture welcome is a great virtue. A huge percentage of people started blogging very very earlier in this country. In this respect I am very new comer. I hope you all will enter into my this home of new world. No hesitation to look behind, but come on and join with me.

Today, the Era of technology is running. But I do not mean to say technology started just a few years ago. Men came in the world in primitive age having with technology with him. Men wandering hither and thither in forests, from there towards a cave without any security. That time science and technology was with him in another way. It may say that technology was in its position in another complexion.

Civilization has been changed introducing new thought thus science and technology also turned its way. Science and technology have been working together themselves and each and every man takes help from science and technology consciously or unconsciously to overcome any problem or work.

If we happy to use modern science and technology and we forgot the science and technology of primitive age, we must wrong. Always It should keep in mind modern science and technology is gift of old age. e.g. we may say if Gutenberg did not invent the printing system, modern printing system could not be developed so much and so modern. We can from the past we can not give back anything to the past and it is the rule of time, each and everybody abide by this rule.

Welcome to Askiou again!

Anyway all are welcome to my website to create a roll from your end. A student, a businessman, a teacher, a doctor, a professional from any part of the environment, men, women, housewife, a young, even any non employee can participate with us to build your skill, your knowledge, carrier even your daily life style.

What will be my duty from my end?

We will just do like a coordinator to meet you together through question and answer to each other in several subjects.

Later I’ll give you better option to write your articles, stories, poetry, news of your locality, experiences etc. Now you may contact me clicking Contact me option menu in menu bar and also comment me any of my writing in comment box.

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