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What is freelancing

Today’s topic- What is freelancing? Do you want to do freelancer jobs? Here you will find some absolute Freelancing sites also, where you can engage yourself in freelance jobs. Then of course stay with us. Give sometime to read the article.

Let’ know What is freelancing?

Freelancing is independent work by taking orders and completing work for a company or an organization or an individual independently of or without being an employee of a company. Whether you work or not depends entirely on your free will. However, if you take a work order, it is better to complete it.

Establish as self dependent in freelance jobs-

At present, the chances of getting a job are very limited. Young men and women are wandering in the environment of unemployment. Government jobs are far away, the news of private jobs is not very encouraging. If there is a job of non-government sector found, there is boundless indefatigable labor causing mental and physical problems.

However, in this situation, young men and women can become self-dependent and choose the job of freelancing freely. The main advantage of freelancing is that there will be no boss to domain you or rule on your head. You can do the work that you are good at independently.

The main characteristics of freelancing is

1. Internet Base –

Clients will order work online via the Internet. Freelancers will take orders for that job from home via the internet. And will complete the work. That means internet service is required. Mobile will work. However, it is very good to have a desktop or laptop.

2. Freedom –

Freelancing can be done independently. You can do the job that you are good or the job that you have passion for.

3. Global Field:-

As a freelancer you can work with clients around the world. The simplest task is the work of data entry. Regardless of your typing speed, you can start with this task. Moreover, DTP, designing, graphics work, web search, article writing, website making, photo editing, banner design, etc. There are many more types of work fields.

4. Working hours: –

There is no set time for freelancing work. You can finish at any time of the day at your convenience, morning, afternoon, noon, night. You are not bound by the time limit of ten-five or ten-eight. You are free.

However, you have to deliver within the time limit that you have given to the client to handover the work. Your impression as a freelancer will be good. You will be more likely to get a job in the future.

5. Full-time part-time: –

There is no limit to working full-time part-time. If you are unemployed and know any computer job then you can do it yourself as a full timer. Or you are involved in a job but the income is not suitable for you. Need extra income. You can work part time as a freelancer.

By working in this way, college students can become self-dependent and earn money for their own tuition fees.

6. Passion and skill: –

Like every job, it is important to have passion to the job of freelancing. If there is no passion for work, there will be no love for work. Passion from love and love from passion will long lasting. You must have skills on the job that you will do. If you don’t have the skills, you will not be able to take advantage of the finishing time of that job. The client will not trust you if you do not do the job properly at the right time. They can’t trust you. And in this way your professionalism will be created.

If you are a professional, you can make your profile stylish. As a result, other clients will show interest you.

Passion, skill, professionalism are intimately connected with each other.

7. Self Discipline | Self Dependent: –

While working, freedom is under your control. This does not mean that you should be arbitrarily indiscriminate. And self-discipline does not mean that you will work hard to oppress your body.

No matter how you work, deliver within the time you have given the client after completing the work. Later the client will give you other tasks relying on you. If necessary, another client can be referred by your permanent client. This will increase the scope of your work. Your income will also increase. The peak you want to climb will be successful.

8. Communication Skills: –

You must have communication skills to deal with the client. Initially, you must be proficient in email text writing. The ability to impress or convince a client through text is essential.

Moreover the profile description on the freelancing sites need to be quite impressive and stunning. In addition to email or profile description, speaking skills may also be required. If necessary, you may have to talk to the client on mobile.

That means you need to have the ability to convince the client through conversation. However this types of characteristics are not mandatory forever. There is no need to worry about it.

Very very thanks for spending your valuable time for reading this article.

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15 best freelancing sites for beginners in India 2021

There is no problem finding 15 best freelancing sites for beginners in India 2021 today. There are several best freelancing sites in the world but the popular and genuine sites are. You would not believe I came here to inform you of those genuine and trusted websites. I have researched and after that I am writing it to share my experience. I know you can find your favourite genuine Freelance Jobs here definitely.

Before going to the internal core of this article please know how the freelance working by clicking here.

Although I tell you that freelance jobs are one of the best ways to become self-employed. Really if you decide to enter into Freelance Jobs as well there is no need to do any other Job. As a whole time or as a part time- work seriously involving yourself and get the final result.

I divide 15 best freelance websites in India 2021 into 3 groups. They are-

A. For Primary Jobs, B. For Designers and C. Others

At first I want to tell you about some websites for primary jobs. Here 7 best freelance websites for beginners

1. Upwork-

This is one of the best Reliable websites. Most of the clients open their account to complete their project as well. Odesk was its first name. In 2015 this company changed its name from oldesk into upwork.

Most of the freelancer job seekers also created their account here to do job.

Almost every type of job is available here whatever your choice and passion. Take them and go ahead. As upwork is a reputed site they do not ignore you for payment. Maintaining their reputation they allow reputed clients also. So  do not worry about choosing upwork.

Upwork has various types of payment methods. Paypal is the best way to receive payment. Of course dollars is the best currency to receive. You convert it into your country’s currency as well.

Click here to visit the upwork site and open your freelance account.


Fiverr is the second best freelance website for beginners in India. This company also provides various types of jobs. Such as designing, website making, photo editing, graphics work, DTP, article writing etc. Minimum price for completing any job is $5. You can receive your dollar through PayPal, direct credit, skrill or payoneer as well.

This company has its reputation and faith in paying their customers. So no doubt you can create an account and start to do any job.

Go to Fiverr for searching your suitable job by clicking here.

3. Freelance-

Freelance.com is one of my best freelance websites for beginners. This company has its user-friendly interface. Various clients created their account to complete their project. There are various freelance job seekers also created their account to complete their clients projects. A lot of work opportunities are available here such as logo making, graphic designing, website development, wordpress website creation, article writing, web search job, DTP etc. You can find many many job opportunities and options. First you choose whatever your passion and what about you can do very smoothly.

Here you can see a work per hour project. It means you can get your payment per hour basis.

Paypal, direct credit facilities are also available here, from where you can transfer your payment into your bank account.

Click here to visit the website of freelance.com.

4. People per hour-

This is also an important freelance website all over the world. Here you can create your account and engage yourself as a freelancer.

People of UK and USA using this platform to earn money. This does not mean you Indian people cannot get any opportunities from here. You can also create your account and continue your career as a freelancer.

Paypal, skrill, Pioneer and direct bank account credit facilities are available. This payment gateway is also available here from where you can transfer your payment into your bank account converting into your local currency.

Click here and go to people per hour site and look various job opportunities on the interface.


First, emoonlight.com established this company in 1999. After that it is turned into guru.com.

Guru.com is a freelancing sites in USA and India also. Here you can get various opportunities to establish yourself as a freelancer.

If you’re a beginner and looking for a starting job. You may choose this website to become a freelancer.

Beginners of Content writers, data entry operator of freelancers can use this platform. Basically this site is a low competitive site comparatively Fiverr and upwork. So you can easily establish and earn money as a freelancer.

Click here to go to Guru.com website.

6. FreeLancer India-

Freelancer.in is a site in India. It is another website named freelancer.com. freelancer.con opened freelancer.in for Indian users. You can see the interface of freelancer.in as like freelancer.com. So the currency is Indian local currency Rupees. Various types of payment gateway available here. You can transfer your money into your account using these payment gateway.

Various types of jobs are available here such as freelancer.com.

I think if you are an Indian citizen, you have this opportunity to create an account in freelancer.in.

Click here to go to this website freelancer.in.

7. Truelancer-

Almost everything is available on this site like other freelancing sites. This site allows experts as well as for beginners to enter into a new workplace.

From Normal job like data entry, web search, content writing to medium jobs and hard job like logo making, banner designing, website designing jobs are also available here. 

Click here to go to truelancer.com here and search your suitable job.

For Designers- best freelance websites for beginners of Design. They also can avail this opportunity.

8. 99Designs-

This platform is for the freelancer of designers. If you are graphic designer, website developer, logo maker, banner maker etc.- you can choose this website 99designs.com.

All over the world’s client created and are creating accounts for completing their projects. Product banner, wordpress page building, landing page building, wordpress theme designer, wordpress developer, banner designer, or logo designer or any work of graphic this platform is one of the best according to your skill.

Go to this site and search jobs what are suit for you.

9. Designhill-

Designhill.com is mainly for designers also. Professional designers can design various Attractive design of any field. You may choose this opportunity as a self employee freelancer.

This site has several services and categories. Personal logo making, banner making, website designing are their main services. You may also choose to design T-shirts also and earn some extra money.

Here is not the end of their services. If you visit their site and click on the search box a drop down menu arrives taking a lot of service opportunities. More than 40 services you will see. Choose some of these whatever you are expert.

10. Toptal-

Actually toptal is a very very reputed freelancer site for highly experts. Designers can get highly advantages to enter as a freelancer here.

Expert web developer who can establish in this site as a freelancer. Large companies have the opportunity to choose 3% experts from several categories for completing their work. So freelancers also have chances to stand them on the top 3% freelancers.

So From the point of view of a beginner it is not so easy to stand here. But I cannot say anything negatively so that you cannot register here as a freelancer.

Go to this site and check whatever it is going on here. You may seek reviews of any customers or any freelancer who are working in toptal.

11. Worknhire-

There are many job opportunities available here. One side a developer and a designer can get opportunities to establish him or herself and on the other side a beginner of writing or a data entry operator can easily take opportunities to become self-employed.

Although you can see an interface of many programmers’ jobs on the homepage of this site. But you can start as a data entry operator or a content writer.

My friend no one can establish without hard work. Patience, practice and hard work can give you a lot of prosperity.

Look into the worknhire site by clicking here.

Other type of freelance jobs- Remote freelance Jobs-

12. Flexi jobs-

From beginners to advanced workers can easily get any job here.

Flexijobs provides remote jobs according to location. More than 50 job opportunities here. From the primary jobs to designing jobs are available here.

You can see a search box on top of the site where you find job type and location also. Find your job according to your choice and your Locality.

Go to flexijobs site and watch the interface, job types etc.

14. We work remotely-

We work remotely is a sophisticated site for freelancing. This company gives a lot of opportunities to all kinds of freelancers. One hand, a highly professional can take advantage to make him richer and on the other hand a beginner can get the opportunity to show himself as an established person.

This site is different compared to the other site due to its job presentation. It shows a lot of different types of remote jobs. Those jobs which are available in any large company as permanent work. This site offers those types of job. e.g. project manager, community manager, director of research automation, QA Engineer etc.

The company classified its jobs into various categories. Firstly they divided the main jobs and then many jobs are divided into several subcategories.

You may search this site by clicking here and can watch beautiful interface.

15. Simplyhired-

This company decorates its site according to job category as well as location also. Each and every states of India has been displayed here. So that experts, advanced and beginners of all parts of India can get advantages to become an earned person.

One side this site displays State wise job categories and other side popular and reputed companies are also involved into this site.

From programmers to freshers can take the opportunity to involve himself as an employee.

Visit simplyhired site to view the interface of the site.

There are more other freelance websites available except above whatever I informed. Such as envatostudio for designing, linkedinprofinder, aquent, dribbble etc. You may go to their sites clicking the site’s name.

So These were some best freelance websites for beginners. I hope this article gives some ideas to all over the world’s job seekers.

Thanks for reading this and stay  with us.

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